Insurance Agent Tutorial Webinars

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These webinars will teach you how the program works with your Loan Officers and Referral Partners.

Insurance Agent Overview
Insurance Agent Profile Setup
What Insurance Agents Say to Loan Officers
Loan Officer Presentation
What Benefits Does a Real Estate Agent Get
MAC-Agent Greet
Register a Real Estate Broker on ListHub
Direct RA Signup

How-to Training Webinars

These webinars will teach you how to perform the simple functions of the MyAgentConnector platform.

How To Signup Loan Officers
How Loan Officer Completes Their Profile
What Loan Officers Say to Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agent Presentation
How Loan Officers Signup Real Estate Agents
How To Help Real Estate Agents Generate Leads 1 of 2
How To Help Real Estate Agents Generate Leads 2 of 2
Open House Safety App
Where do Insurance Agents Find Leads
How to Generate leads with a Digital Flyer
How IA's Leverage Data to Gain More Results
How To Post and Boost on Facebook
IA Signs Up as A LO

Round Tables

These roundtable sessions will share with you how others are having success.

MAC Round Table April 2019- Leads!!!
Nov 28 2018 - Facebook Auto-Poster, PowerTeam Email, Agent Greet
5 Steps to making RA and LO into clients
October 2018 - Boost or Bagels
October 2018 - Leverage the Data
September 2018 - Generate leads on Facebook
September 2018 - Text Alerts MAC CONNECT
August 2018 - The Power of 5
July 2018 - Turn on the Leads
June 2018 - Chuck Bader
May 2018 - Leads


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